Kadikoy / Istanbul / Turkey


Year 2010 Experiences

- Project 1/5 for BSc:

"An example of Docking Structure" ( A simple docking structure analysis variations using excel sheets )

- Training intern:

Site Engineer ( Rough Structure works ). Contractor firm: Özyazıcı Construction. Project Website: http://nishadalar.org/


Year 2011 Experiences

- Project 2/5 for BSc:

"Steel Construction Projecting" ( A simple Steel Construction Project Analysis and Manufacturing Drawings )

- Project 3/5 for BSc:

"Armoured Concrete Construction Projecting" ( A Simple 5 floor building analysis and design )


Year 2012 Experiences

- Project 4/5 for BSc:

"Highway Construction Projecting" ( A simple Highway Project from one Mountain to Another )

- Project 5/5 for BSc:

"Railway Construction Projecting" ( A perfect Railway Construction Project including the budget analysis )

- Training intern:

Site and Laboratory Engineer ( Highway Construction ). Ministery of Transportation, Highway 1st Regional Directorate

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Cem Tosun


A civil engineer who has 9 years of "Building Facade Engineering" experience and has more than 4 years of experience on online game system fiction, modding, scripting and managing. Also has a strong Blockchain Architecture knowledge background.




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